Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The secret post

My hat off to you for finding this. I am very, very impressed. Of all the billions of people on the Internet (and there are over three billion people on the Internet!) only you, and perhaps a few other people, have managed to find this page. I have used all my craft and ingenuity to hide it as carefully as possible. Ultimately my goal was to conceal it so well that no one in the whole world could suss it out. But I guess with three billion people poking around out here there was bound to be at least one who was so damnably clever, so wily, adventurous, and daring that they smoked me out.

Well, welcome, you've earned it!

The genius of the Internet is in its ability to take everything of immediate interest, no matter how tiny, and bring it to breathtaking prominence. As Flannery O'connor so ably put it: Everything that rises must converge. And so the floor of the Internet is littered with content, new things in the trillions have been left there just in the time you've read this, but many are the restless eyes that search. And as each arresting item catches someone's eye it is raised up, and as each set of eyes on it doubles it raises up some more. So as this eye-catching, wildly attractive content rises and rises it is more and more visible, prominent, hard to miss, and alone. But as it raises up it requires more and more viewers to keep it aloft. Even with three billion of them, there are only so many sets of eyes.

But what catches the human eye? If you do not know, I say go stumble into the Internet for a few minutes. I can wait here. But I think you know. It must be familiar and unusual, visceral and conceivable. Conventional and new. And above all, it should be easy, terribly easy.

I have put no glinting sheen on this. There are no arresting images. No one is hawking it. No one here is famous or connected. It is not loud or amazing or a one in a million shot. There is nothing particularly easy about it. I nestled it into the quietest spot I could find, a thousand feet below the surface. I have slid it together with all the vast forgottens of the Internet, too numerous to count.

And yet here you are.

You are probably some kind of genius.


  1. Here we are. This is nice and thank you for speaking the truth about me. :o)

  2. I wouldn't be so brash as to lay claim to the aforementioned title. Arrogance is the more fitting term yet only when my ex describes either me, my life or some minute action that in all of history, only she recalls. Otherwise, I am just a regular, everyday nobody whose hopes and dreams are like the stars in the heavens -- they only shine from long ago.
    I would like for you to know I enjoy perusing the verbiage from the library very much and have thoroughly enjoyed the comics! Keep 'em coming, if at possible. They definitely offset what is ordinarily a mundane misadventure. Some people call it living but I haven't reached that stage, yet. Or perhaps, it slipped past and I missed out completely. Doesn't matter. I have a definite bright spot to look forward to on a regular basis!
    Thank you ever so much for sharing!!!
    Be well and satisfied...

    1. You could secretly be a genius!

      Anyway, thank you, and you're welcome.


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