Friday, April 24, 2015

Enough with the wrath of god stuff

Yes, it does not meet with much success to cast onto the Internet the intimations that I am the only voice of the gods currently speaking. If I read such a thing I'm inclined to think I wouldn't believe it either. Aye, I mostly don't believe it even though I am the very person who on occasion becomes the flaming sword of truth, the subtle knife, and the last rebellion against silence.

What does it look like anyway? There I am looking at some total nonsense on the Internet, just to put off, or to warm up to, writing. And reading along, your regular generic consumer, I am barely differentiated from millions of others. The differentiation is only in that I am just me, particularly and uniquely me. Only that slight and overwhelming distinction exists. And then I open up a document, I lay out the white page, and I am taken up as a pen in the hand of god. 

I am dipped in ink.

I am all the useless magic in the word.

Once again though I am just me, for there is nothing else to separate any of us but that, no act, no glory, and no agency.

And though I burn with the flaming branding of truth, the gods have never had anything particularly useful to say. What should I tell you? That we were made wrong?

No, I will say this: the heat is good, burning as the flaming sword of truth comes in handy late at night, writing in my basement. It can get quite chilly down here.

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