Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I have been exercising more these days than I have in a long time. A back injury last fall led to a sort of rehab and then a steady routine of core exercising. That's three times a week and, despite my unideal inclination to think of it as half an hour of torture, it seems to be going okay. I feel very solid. I've been walking more too, and now that spring seems to be serious I am bicycling as part of my regular commute.

It's the biking that really seems to illustrate something essential about how I feel about all this fitness.

I walk over to the city bike rental station. There's a new one that's even closer to my house! Walking is splendid and beautiful, but it is hard not to appreciate the extra time that biking's quickness gives me. I get on a bike and the litany of its extreme virtues starts rolling through my head:

1. This is so lovely and quick.

2. This is much more real exercise than walking!

3. I can tell because I get winded.

4. And my thighs hurt.

5. The hills make my heart race!

6. I'm faster than joggers!

7. This is so healthy!

8. My thighs really hurt.

9. This is brilliant exercise! I should bike everywhere all the time!

10. I really wish this bike were electric.

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