Friday, April 3, 2015

Your benefits

If there's one thing I'm not good at, it's marketing. Marketing and sales. And bowling. Bowling, music, marketing, sales, and sewing. And money, endurance sports, filling out forms, and corporate style professionalism.

There's a few other things, but I don't want to get too far off topic, or try your patience. The point is that I am not good at marketing. Sometimes my blog feels a little sad that I am unable to properly perform the tasks that will allow it to flourish in the world. But my blog has a very sporting personality and, to disappointment, my blog is inclined to say "As long as you try, that's what means the most to me."

And so, in that spirit, I would today like to inform you as to the various benefits one can accrue as a regular reader of clerkmanifesto. You might want to consider increasing your level.


Dilettante Level:

To reach the dilettante level you need only occasionally read one of my posts and not react with outright hostility to them.

What you get:

Several humorous anecdotes that don't really work for sharing with others and a useful reminder to get off the Internet.

Trying to Keep Up Level:
To reach the trying to keep up level you need merely have the vague ambition to read all my posts, which you only sort of, but not quite, manage to do.

What you get:

All of the above benefits plus the hope that you will one day be mentioned in a blog post.

Subscriber Level:

To reach the subscriber level you need merely sign up to receive the blog regularly via email.

What you get:

All of the above benefits plus a less appealing font to read it in and the comforting sense of watching the brutal hurly burly of an intense blog in action from the safety of a luxury box seat with tinted windows.

Commenters Level:
To reach the commenters level you need to read fairly regularly and comment once every couple weeks, usually in batches of comments.

What you get:

All the benefits other than subscribers level plus personalized responses to each comment even when the blog writer is slightly heartbroken that the comment did not start out by complimenting the blog.

Proselytizer Level:

To reach the proselytizer level you need to regularly read the blog and work tirelessly to spread it around and bring it to a wider audience, never admitting defeat no matter how fruitless your efforts.

What you get:

All of the above benefits plus useful tips on how to spell "proselytizer".


  1. I very much enjoyed this blog post. :-)

    1. What a pleasure then to see you at the commenter level!

      This is that personalized response I was going on about up above.


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