Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sometimes I just tell the jokes to myself

I'm filling a spare half hour of work at the library. I am emptying bins. Seeing as it is my first half hour at work I am still limbering up. I put a few children's books on a cart. I read one about a roller coaster ride. I put a few more on the cart. There are many co-workers and volunteers to say hello to. There are many pointless things to discuss with people. I put a few more books on the cart. I take a look at another children's book. This one is about a witch's broom. I stare into space for a bit. There is much to think of and I very much enjoy not thinking of it when I can. I take a small cluster of books out of the bin and add it to my cart. Gosh, I think, I must have emptied dozens of books onto this cart already!

"Hello." My mind cries out theatrically. "I can't do it all by myself!"

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