Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Manuscript sells for record at auction!

It was a huge day for auctioned manuscripts last week. In a Christie's auction the lyrics for American Pie sold for just a stitch over 1.2 million dollars. The levee sure wasn't dry then! It was the third highest price ever paid for an American "literary" manuscript. But all records were shattered later that same auction when a surprise offering sold for a record 4.7 million dollars! What was it that sold for more than twice the previous record holder Like a Rolling Stone?

Well, I'm blushing. It turns out it was a post it note on which I wrote the original draft of a clerkmanifesto blog post called "I need to make a list".

That's not at all what I think of as my best blog post, but it had several things going for it.

1. The post it note was, unusually, in pristine condition. They usually get bent, dirty, and smeary.

2. The post itself is just one of those that captured the American zeitgeist of the time, like the invention of Peanut Butter for instance.

3. Buyers were motivated by the rarity with which things I write on post it notes come up for sale in major auctions.

Are you wondering how much of the 4.7 million dollars went to me?

Not a penny. I had accidentally handed the note over to someone who asked me if I had any scratch paper. I'd long since lost track of it.

Am I bitter?

Not at all. I do this for love.

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