Thursday, June 11, 2015

More luddite stuff

One used to be able to donate one's old, used up cell phones to us at the library. Our "Friends" group turned this into a small amount of money. But for whatever reasons they decided to end the program. So someone printed up a flier explaining that one can no longer donate old cell phones here at the library. One of these fliers was sitting on a table back by one of the work computers. The flier read:

Cell phone domination ends.

And I thought "Yes! It is finally over!"

I hate trying to understand and type in the barcode number told to me by an English as a second language speaker as their crappy phone reception cuts in and out. I hate cell phone users yelling banalities into their phones in public places simply so the person on the other end can hear them clearly. And I hate and fear all the people on cell phones driving cars as they do, like they are seriously drunk.

Then, at second glance, the flier said:

Cell phone donation ends.


Ah well, I guess cell phones are fine outside of my few small complaints.

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