Friday, July 29, 2016

Four aphorisms, three new

I am trying to limit my consumption of politics in this terrible season. Oh all this heat and madness and beauty! 

A week or two ago, mostly considering Trump, I wrote an aphorism:

If you invite a cannibal into your house, expect to be eaten.

And maybe the aphorism is my own answer. In aphorism I can remain myself and true and still share something. So at the end of the Republican and Democratic Conventions, and at the end of all I have read, I have three new aphorisms for you. 

Put their meanings where you will:

 If you tear down the temple in rage and frustration, you may get hit by the roof.

The longer you are the lesser of some evil, the closer you grow to it.

It can always get worse, but the more one dwells on that, the more certainly it will.

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