Monday, July 4, 2016

Our country is great

For reasons I can't recall I was poking about in the aged recesses of my work email, and I came across a July 4th ready poem I wrote 15 or 16 years ago. It might have had something to do with a patriotic poetry contest my library ran, but regardless of that I feel that this, and some of the other detritus I came across, clearly indicates I had the blogging impulse long before I started clerkmanifesto. I'm pretty sure I've had the blogging impulse for 40 years. But let's say I started clerkmanifesto 16 years ago. Can you imagine? Go ahead and imagine.

I have. And here is what I decided:

All the same people would be here right now, but we'd all be a very tiny amount more tired.

And so, with only a small amount more further ado, here it is for you, from the archives. Happy Fourth. This goes out to the great, rambling list of victims:

Our Country is Great

Our country is great,
There's no doubt about it,
I'm often inclined,
To go out and shout it.

Our country is great!
Our country is great!
I shout it quite early, 
I shout pretty late.

I blow a big trumpet,
That's red white and blue,
I shout from my rooftop,
My dog does it too.

The neighbors don't like it,
But what can they do?
It's three in the morning,
And it's their country too.

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