Monday, July 25, 2016


Today, while I was working on the automatic check in machine at my library, one of my youngish colleagues came into the backroom from where she was working out at the front desk. She was exultant. She was astonished.

"A woman just gave us pies and pastries!" She cried out. "She just gave them to us! There's a cream pie, and cookies. They're from Perkins. She works there and they had these extra and she brought them in for us. Free!"

That's very nice.

And it is a kind and generous thought of this Perkins employee.

And it's sweet she considered us.

New, substitute co-worker, I am glad you are excited.

But I have to say, just here, my collegue, my young Padawan: People donate books to us as well. And, as with pie, some few of these books are astonishments and treasures beyond belief. But many started with scarcely any value and have only had that modicum of worth slowly leeched away in the disdain of time

So I'd hurry and eat your pie, for one day you may know the difference.

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