Wednesday, July 27, 2016

They must be Vegans!

I don't get out much. And when I do it is not with Republicans. At the library I work at I assume that pretty much everyone is somewhere politically to the left of any Republican, both because we are a socialist institution, and because I like to think well of people, if I can. So when I overheard someone at the public copier say, in what was surely a response to something involving Black Lives Matter, "I think all lives matter" I felt like I was suddenly connected with all of America.

It was exciting.

So instead of resisting, I decided to go with the flow. And when a patron came up to me at the front desk and asked "Can you recommend a good book? I like science fiction." I said

"I think all the genres are really good."

"Oh." The patron said, taken aback. "So, can you recommend a good book?"

"Any of them." I said enthusiastically. "All of our books are wonderful!"

"Er, yes, well." The patron said. "Good. But I really liked The Martian. I found it so entertaining and informative. Anything like that?"

"The Martian?" I said. "I loved it. Certainly we have books like that. Of course."

"Great. Which ones? Are they in?"

"Yes! They're all in. All of our books are like The Martian. Just go upstairs and grab any book. You'll love it!" 

I'm not sure my suggestion worked that well. Still, I think it is always worth it to try and expand the way I see the world.


  1. Haha I didn't think anyone was worse than me at recommending books to read so thanks for expanding MY horizons LOL

    1. Thank you for your comment and, welcome.

      And you're welcome. Let us all now go global at even the tiniest opportunities!

  2. I once (well, more than once) encountered a man who was dismayed over the fact that more people of color did not love him, given all that he has done for them and all. He explained how much he liked "them" and gave a few examples. At some point, I asked him if he liked chicken. He said yes, that he liked all sorts of food, being the fair man that he is. I then asked him how the chickens felt about that.

    1. Oh, anonymous, I like this one very much, the parable of the chicken!


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