Wednesday, September 14, 2016

You will soon be in Rome

All this with me going on about how great Rome is, how much better it is than any other city, is just me in high spirits. I'm just very excited to be going there. I am not trying to convince you to go there. It is already so crowded and full of tourists. Everyone I've ever met who went there in, say, the height of tourist season, Summer, seemed to kind of hate it. Peoples' tastes wildly differ. Just because I love Rome doesn't mean you will, or that I think you should abandon everything and go there.

Just kidding. Of course you should go there. Now. Sell the dog. Forge some Euros. Write the milkman a note. Rome is just sitting there. What are you waiting for!

I know. Easy for me to say. But then, everything is easy for me to say. That's why I started this blog and write in it every day no matter what. And today I am going to write about how good Rome is.

Here is how good Rome is:

All my life I have loved rating things. Here are my favorite cafes in order. This is a three star system for how good I think each of my blog posts are. These are the best Romantic Comedies from great to best. Here are my favorite painters, writers, albums, buildings, cheeses. I'm just saying I understand the value of ranking. I like stars and out of tens and letter grades. I like best of lists and if you have just three days lists. But I open these professional, responsible, thorough, well researched, up to date guide books to Rome, and I see their "starred sights", their three triangle systems, their top tens, or their if you can only see three things lists, and I just laugh disdainfully. "You have no idea." I mutter. "Not a clue in the world."

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