Saturday, May 27, 2017

Devil's dictionary: Internet

It's already time for another session of Devil's Dictionary, with all due respect to Ambrose Bierce, and let's note how clever the phrase "With all due respect" is. Here, we'll do a Devil's Dictionary of it:

With all due respect:

Just the amount of respect someone deserves without saying just how much that is.

Today's Devil Dictionary terms are Internet ones. If anything needs an updated interpretation of terms it is surely those of the Internet!


Exactly what you were looking for until you realize it hasn't been updated since 2008.

The Internet:

An overly complicated place to look at pictures of pets. 


A magical, always available, all-powerful librarian with the judgement and subtlety of a brick.

Comments section:

Where all voices cancel each other out.


An online compendium of knowledge everyone is supposed to approach skeptically, but no one does.


A crude webpage used by early humans and confused businesses.


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    1. Thanks.

      Funny that responding to this three years later Google no longer exists and has gone the way of Alta Vista.


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