Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This is what I do here

I was in the backroom when they paged him. "Christian Berger, please come to the service desk. Christian Berger, please come to the service desk."

So I went out to the front desk. "The thing I hate about Christian Burger places" I said. "Is you get all that proselytizing when you just want some lunch."

Later in the day I was working on a complicated little crafts project making undershelf labels for a colleague's project with our CD collection. After plugging away at it throughout the day, usually while trying to watch soccer, I got them to an acceptable standard to go forward with. First up were a bunch of labels that read "oversized". Working on them at the front desk I held one up to her. We agreed it was good enough. "You know what they say." I said. "The perfect is the enemy of the completely mediocre."

And we'll just leave it there for the day.

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