Tuesday, June 20, 2017

200 View of Rome: Grand Hotel de la Minerva Rooftop Bar


5 Stars

While I will argue a near objectivity for my 5 stars for something like The Palazzo Barberini, I am fully aware my 5 stars here are extraordinarily personal, subjective, and idiosyncratic. So take that as you will...

On a night in early October, starting to grow just too cold to sit outside, just as all the dinner service seemed about wrapped up, my wife and I asked if we could come in and just sit and have a bottle of wine.

Of course. Prego.

We picked out one of the cheapest, happily a Shiraz, maybe 35 Euros. Heat lamps every once in awhile wafted some precious warmth at us where we sat on the edge of the roof. They gave us marcona almonds, the nicest bowl of nuts we received in Rome. I don't remember if there were olives. We drank wine, pondering the fascinating rooftops of the baroque city, the intriguingly bland facades of gothic Sopra Minerva, and the ancient, massive wonder of the flanks of The Pantheon.  

After not long we were alone, as patrons, in the large rooftop restaurant bar. We changed seats. A grand piano player regaled us with the cheesiest romantic pop hits of the seventies, making them deliciously charming through the alchemy of situation, time, and a heavy Italian accent.

Among thirty days of fabulous romance, this, this was romantic.

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