Friday, June 16, 2017

200 Views of Rome: Biblioteca Angelica

3 Stars

An old Library Italians use that they will let you peep at. Interesting interior that's fun to see, like a mediocre (for Rome) Church, but happily, for a change, not a Church, and with the refreshing decoration of walls full of mysterious old tomes instead of pious Saints. Plus, what are all those people at the tables studying? At a glance this library does not carry any books published after 1850 or so. I wish my library had a bit of this. We've stopped carrying anything published before 2012. Very much not worth a trip of any kind (Biblioteca Angelica, that is, not my library, which is not in the purview of this review), and yet totally worth the five minutes if you just happen to be passing by (and Caravaggio fans might as it's next to Church of St. Augustine with its Madonna of the Pilgrims).

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