Tuesday, June 20, 2017

200 Views of Rome: La Locanda del Prosciutto


4 Stars

A charming little meat platter place tucked just a bit out of the thick of things, near an art store we often frequented, just down from the Pantheon. We went here several times, and at first blush, under the spell of Rome, the meat and cheese platters were quite tasty. But it did not take much reflection to understand there was nothing so really unique or keenly delicious about any of it, though it was good. The seating, like so many Roman places, was not terribly comfortable, and yet we liked it there. The young proprietors were kind and attentive, and they always played really good jazz. Our later visits mainly consisted of happily sharing a bottle of wine, with decreasing amounts of food. After perhaps 5 visits, sometimes as nearly their only table, we went one night.

"We're full." They blithely said.

And though we were still in Rome a couple more weeks we never even thought of them again.

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