Thursday, June 15, 2017

200 Views of Rome: The Pantheon

5 Stars

Well, what's the point, and it could hardly need another review, another person suggesting you see it, my favorite Classical Roman building, not a ruin, just a building, ever carrying on.

But okay.

This was our neighborhood wonder. Two hundred times in our trip we came upon it in the course of thirty days. Never once did it cease amazing.

Time one: Oh my god, that's The Pantheon!

Time 184: Oh my god, that's The Pantheon!

Sure, go inside. The doorway is good, looking up is fabulous, pretty floor. But once or twice of that and it's enough. No, circle it. Catch views of it. Bask in it. Watch a busker by it. Shop in its shadow. Pick out its hidden details out back, down below. Get a gelato at it. Notice it. Forget it so you can notice it again. It's still there. Is it still there? It's always still there. How is it perfect? No one knows. Is it still there?

It's still there.


  1. ...And those big- assed bronze doors? Still there! I would have figured my barbarian ancestors carted them off millennia ago.

    1. Well, yeah, these doors only go back to the 15th Century, I believe. So yeah, I suppose they were carted off with by your ancestors. If you check your attic maybe you've got them?

      I learned that the 15th C. ones used to be covered in gold! I miss the gold!


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