Wednesday, June 28, 2017

200 Views of Rome: Tazza D'oro


5 Stars

Among the twin pillars of Rome's coffee, this is the same as it ever was lovely cappuccino. One could say the rise of conscious, fastidious coffee obsessions across the First World has well eclipsed Tazza D'oro and Sant'Eustachio, but I'd prefer to be loyal to them myself. In previous trips to Rome Tazza D'oro was the place for us, but our allegiance flipped, and now I would say there is something unique to Sant'Eustachio- notably their crema. Nevertheless, Tazza D'oro remains a classic, and I could always enjoy one of their creamy, impeccably made cappuccinos (be a lout and have one after noon, seriously, no one will care!). For the coffee interested, or should I even say, the coffee faithful people in Rome, it would be morally wrong not to at least try one drink here. A debt is owed.


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