Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hilarious joke concerning minute library policy

As you will see this joke is meant for the oral tradition. So it would be best if you read it to yourself, listening to it and ignoring the spelling. Due to homophones it is less hilarious as written, and possibly slightly confusing. So you may thus not be amused by it in reading, but if you nevertheless bravely tell it aloud to everyone you know you will be gratified by their peals of laughter and their increased conviction, spoken or not, that you make everything in the world just a little bit better.

And so:

We freely give out day passes to people without library cards who want to use our Internet computers. But for reasons way too complicated and stupid and boring to explain a patron had to be 18 or older to get a pass on their own, unaccompanied. Some people abided by this policy. Others, like me, engaged in a dedicated "Don't ask, don't tell" approach. But finally, due to some quality staff advocacy, the word came down from our Management Team: Minors shall be allowed Internet passes anytime they want with no restriction. There was one proviso though. We should ask that they flick their headlamps on and off to prove that they are who they are pretending to be.

You see, it's a pun.

Yes, yes, much much better read aloud. Incomparable.

No, just trust me. Go tell it to a bunch of people. People love puns!

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