Friday, June 23, 2017

Library update

As we cut a swath through my 200 views of Rome project I don't want you to entirely lose touch with what is going on at my library, the source for so many of my blog posts. So for a brief moment we interrupt our detailed journey through our judgements of Rome to catch you up on what's happening at my library.

1. Faxing!

One would think it is 1986 or so to be talking of faxing, and though traditionally libraries do tend to lag behind when it comes to technology, this is really pushing that envelope in the extreme because we only now, after literally decades of requests for it, finally, FINALLY offer faxing at our library.

Good news: This public faxing is easy to use and runs through our copying machine. It's pretty quick too.

Bad news: "Easy to use" and "Public" can be a volatile mix!

2. A little bird told me.

One of my inside contacts let me know that when the library's Management Team approved the new policy mandating that circulation staff set up chairs and tables for all events in the program room, the Library Director (of that time) exclaimed "I'm surprised that went so easily and without complaint!" At which point it was pointed out that there were no circulation staff at that meeting.

Then they all laughed and had more champagne.

3. Killer shopping carts!

Our killer shopping carts took their first casualty this Summer. Some years ago we got these stupid shopping carts (not judging, it's the brand name "Stupid Shopping Carts", I think they're expressly made for libraries). These small shopping carts are mainly used by people who should really use walkers, but don't want to. They hang their canes on our shopping carts and walk around with the cart supporting them until they lose their delicate balance just a little bit. At that point they seek the support of the shopping cart only to find that these carts are on wheels! At which point the carts roll away from them as they fall awkwardly into them and to the ground where they all bleed way more than anyone thought possible because they are all on blood thinner medication.

Bad news: These things are death traps!

Good news: They are still way more safe than our killer stairs ("Killer Stairs" is a judgement, not a brand name).

That's it from here for now. I'll try to continue to keep you up to date!


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