Thursday, June 15, 2017

The 200 Views of Rome reviews

In the course of four or five years of blogging the question has come up as to what is appropriate for me to write about here. So I answer the question, but the question just sits there, froglike, staring without discernible reaction to anything I answer. So I put the question up on a shelf above my screen where it eats flies and I rarely notice it anymore. Sometimes when I'm thinking of writing about soccer or radical politics I look nervously at it and it says ribit.

This weekend I started writing in my notebook. I started writing two hundred reviews of places in Rome, thinking I would post these on Trip Advisor. Two things happened. One is that all my reviews sounded like they might as well be blog posts. Two is that I realized I will never manage to do all the massive writing of 200 reviews if they can't double as blog posts.

So I came down to my computer to see if this would be okay. And the frog ate a fly and said ribit and peered into space. Good enough for me.

And so now, after 8 months of recovery from the journey, I am ready to review every last thing I can think of in dear Rome, and, by doing so, give a kind of account of it, a literary travelogue. Or at least I'll give it a shot to make it so.

Up these reviews will go here. And for a while the normal rules of the blog will cease. Yes, there will still be at least one post per day, but there may be many more. Rome reviews will go up as they can and, if you are a subscriber, you may find your inbox swamped. This could go on for awhile. There may be breaks. But hang in there; soon all 200 reviews will be written, and you will know everything there is to know about Rome.

Or at least everything I know, minus a couple private things to keep the mystery...


  1. Will there be gelato samples? I've heard this blog will be handing out gelato samples and I'm curious about the Lavender gelato you'd described. Of course, I'm game for the other flavors as well! ^_^

    1. Well, of course, gelato samples are impracticable, as I learned when you all received sticky, wet cardboard packaging during my first attempt.

      However, due to my small number of readers, fortunately we can solve the issue with, yes! Hold on to something! Okay?

      A clerkmanifesto Rome gelato field trip!!!!!!

  2. Isn't the plural of gelato, gelati?

    1. Yes, I believe so. Here I refer to the great Gelato Nation.


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