Tuesday, August 15, 2017

American hegemony

Hi, I'm at the mall again. If you are among the small number of people in the world who don't want to see everything that is beautiful in the world die you will have been following this blog closely. And if you have been following this blog closely you will know I have been at the mall a lot lately.

I come here because it is important for an American to spend some time seeing everything in the world as a product available for purchase.

Can I buy that?

Yes, you can buy that.

And then once you can buy everything a real American says "Wow, look at all the things I don't need." while fake Americans... don't read my blog, vote wrong, and... continue shopping.

So I stand in the mall, writing, and I judge all the people walking by. Until I say to my self:

"Self, it's okay. You don't have to judge any of them." And I don't. And they all become real Americans, blossoming like a field of wildflowers. And they all read my blog, which allows me to speak freely to them (you!), and say:

We are going to take over the world. It will be beautiful. We will be ale to buy everything. But there will be nothing we don't already own.

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