Sunday, August 6, 2017

Can't win for trying

While standing around in what I hoped were unobtrusive places in the stores of malls, writing essays on post it notes, various members of the public occasionally come up to me and ask "Do you work here?"

"No." I reply curtly, irritated by the very question to such a degree that I find it offensive.

After this happened a few times I reflected that the only thing that quite bugs me like this is when I am attentively sitting at the front desk of the library I work at, waiting to help someone, and a member of the public approaches me and asks "Do you work here?"

Duh! See my desk? See my computer?

It does occur to me at this late moment that these people simply cannot win.


  1. -When working where I used to work, I was more than once thought to be a volunteer, despite the name badge and the fact I was behind the circulation desk. I figured it was ageism--surely nobody so old would actually be staff.

    I don't think I've ever been asked "do you work here" at any of the libraries I've visited for the blog. A few times, though, my notebook and camera have prompted the question "Are you writing an article?"

    1. Well I guess we can put that ageism theory to rest as I am super super incredibly young. Perhaps we look too much like we're enjoying ourselves for people to conceive of us as working?


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