Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mall of America redux

You may have noticed that several days ago I wrote a really good blog post about the Mall of America. And when I say "really good" I'm being falsely modest because I'm classy like that. So since that Mall of America blog post was really good (still keeping it classy, but as a point of reference "visionary" or "incendiary" would be more accurate) I thought I'd come to The Mall of America and see if the lightning would like to strike again. Sometimes lightning does indeed strike twice, especially if one keeps their pen raised high.

So I am leaning against a large white column in H&M (Floor one, West, across from the "House of Samsonite"), and it occurs to me: How would I have any idea if lightning struck? There are absolutely zero windows to the outdoors in this whole gigantic mall!

So maybe I'll go see if I can find a cheap shirt I might like.

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