Wednesday, August 23, 2017

More confusing messages to myself

Hi. I know I haven't written much lately. 

What's that?

Oh. I guess you're right. I guess I have written every single day for four years without fail. I don't know what I was thinking; I have written just as much lately as I ever have. To be honest they all sort of write themselves so sometimes I lose track. The fact is I find my blog posts every morning scrawled out on a ragged scrap of paper and stuffed into a little hollow in a tree in my front yard. I just type 'em up and I'm on my way.

Oh, right. I can see how you might feel I am taking an awful lot of credit for merely putting into a computer the words of another writer, but it's not that simple. The scraps of paper I find are completely illegible, and I have to make up what they say.

Also I'm the one who stuffs the paper in the tree every night. You know, to make sure there's one there for me each morning.

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