Sunday, August 13, 2017

Where we are in numbers

Hey, it's time to write you a blog post. Well, write you and me both. And what shall I tell you in essay number 1,632 about my 4,343rd day working at this library?

There are things that happened today that have happened countless times: There is a requested book that is hard to hunt down. There is a patron who steps away while I'm getting something for them and never comes back. An almost old man eagerly approaches the desk to tell me a joke about being an old man.

And there are things that happened today that have never happened: Someone, for some reason, donated an early sixties Polaroid Land Camera. A quiet regular who has never said a word to me said "Hi."

At some point today I got very angry at the state of the romance fiction shelving. Later I got angry at the mysterious and suspicious way all the bins on the machine filled up in the first few minutes that I was working there.

But then contrawise I got happy when I figured out how to open the Polaroid Land Camera. And I got happy when my co-workers asked me a lot of questions about soccer over lunch.

There are 1,632 posts. I've worked 4,343 days. There are 16,892 public libraries in America. Almost all of them are open as I write. There are 832,000,808 people using the Internet at this moment. There are almost 8 billion people in the world today.

All I know is that there continues to be nothing to say and everything.

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