Friday, October 6, 2017

Writing about Paris

While in Paris, in addition to going to Disneyland, we will also be going to The Eiffel Tower. That's the one that leans, right? Or, no, wait, it's the metal one. I've seen The Golden Gate Bridge. I'm expecting it to be a lot like The Golden Gate Bridge. It isn't? Well, I'm always super willing to be surprised.

And that's part of the pleasure I find in going to these gloried cities. It's like I've been there. I'm saturated with stories and pictures and accounts and the language of these places. It's almost like I've been there. But I haven't. And though within five minutes a city like Paris might feel utterly familiar, there's always some detail, some weird and personal detail to find there, one incommunicable to others, that reveals everything.

And then one comes home and tries to explain it to others and... can't.

So soon I will come home from Paris and I will tell you everything. And there will be absolutely nothing to say. And I will tell you anyway.

And that's writing in a nutshell.

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