Saturday, February 10, 2018

From the supply department

From the Supply Department

Dear Staff:

It was recently suggested to me that we were running a bit short on liquid paper. After confirming this suggestion I put in a order for 4 or 5 bottles. A couple weeks later I put in a reminder order since the first order hadn't come. Shortly thereafter I received a full case of liquid paper in the delivery. This was like 12 bottles of liquid paper.
We have never had so much liquid paper here in the entire history of our institution, this great public library.
Then, after marveling over the prodigiousness of our liquid paper supply my "reminder" order bore redundant fruit; four more bottles of liquid paper arrived in delivery and were added to our collection.
We have a lot of liquid paper. We have 16 bottles of liquid paper!
Now you are probably wondering how does this effect you. What is your responsibility in relation to all this liquid paper?
I'm glad you've asked. We really need to work through this backlog of liquid paper. I have several ideas for increasing our liquid paper usage.

1.  We currently stock the public office supplies areas with liquid paper. Don't be afraid to recommend our liquid paper to our patrons who only need the slightest hint of encouragement to use up, destroy, and walk away with our stuff. Whenever I walk by the office supplies work table and a patron is engaged in some project that involves using up all our paper clips I always say with a smile "Help yourself to the liquid paper."

2.  Our paper shredder is a joke. It jams incessantly. Might I suggest that if you have a document that needs to be destroyed you might want to simply blot out the information with liquid paper instead.

3.   Our staff bathroom is starting to look a bit stained and grungy. While it might be a bit time consuming to touch it up with liquid paper, please consider that we're paid by the hour here, so what's the difference?

4.   Face painting in kid's room with a winter/snow theme.

5.   Sometimes the way that we are scheduled on the day's work roster can make or break our day. Don't like your desk partner? Too much non fiction shelving? If only there were some way to "fix" that schedule but leave no trace of doing so...


If we all pull together as a team, with real spirit, we can work through this supply. I'm counting on you all!

Thank you for all you do,

The Library Supply Department

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