Sunday, March 11, 2018

The blog post

When it comes to writing this ever daily blog my ideal is that I have several, maybe five, excellent posts all lined up and ready to go, like tiny time release magic spells I'm eager to disperse into the wild. Pixies with teeth. Harmonic butterflies. Purple breezes, shots of grace C maple syrup. Beyond those maybe I'm resting, or recharging, or maybe I'm even working on a handful of new posts I'm feeling pretty good about.

But sometimes I have no posts. Sometimes I have been writing a lot of murky, time consuming bits about the ten commandments or butter or something, and a deadline is fast approaching, and though while shelving up in non fiction I took out my yellow post-it pad to write some brief observations, I observed nothing. Nothing has happened at the library for hours. I said nothing accidentally amusing to tell you about. I have no good ideas. I just keep thinking the same old ideas I've thought before. Do you want to hear about who all parks in our Van and Carpool only parking spots?

Well, I did too the first time.

And so I looked blankly at my blank post-it for a long time and I shelved books instead.

And then I resorted to my last straw.

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