Thursday, March 15, 2018

The clientele

I was out at the front desk of the library, and for some mysterious reason there were a lot of two to four-year-olds wandering around in all the areas that my desk overlooked. At first I thought maybe a storytime let out or something, but no, it was just one of those weird confluences. Suddenly we had about a dozen preschoolers and toddlers bopping about, not interacting with each other, just doing their own things; stomping, shouting, staring, and spacing out. It was pretty entertaining. Words kept popping into my mind to describe them; drunk, daft, stoned, spaced, psychopathic, hypnotized, entranced, and enchanted.

But then, as happens with these strange confluences, they were all gone. The main floor area reverted to being populated entirely by a wide range of adults, not a child in sight.

And yet oddly, it occurred to me, all the same terms applied.

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