Saturday, March 3, 2018

The English say "Cheers"

I helped a man at the front desk of the library this afternoon. I must have done a passable job, because he said "Thank you."

I presumably said "You're welcome." because after he walked away he made a U-turn to come back to thank me for that.

"I almost left." He said. "But then I realized you said 'You're welcome" and I just wanted to thank you for saying 'you're welcome' because did you ever notice no one says 'you're welcome' anymore? It's always 'no problem' or 'sure' or something. I mean what's that all about? Anyway, so I just wanted to thank you. Thank you."

So I said "'S'all good."

I mean, I didn't want to show off.


  1. That's a very nice post. It reminds me of how at my workplace there are many buildings and classrooms, hence many doors, hence many people entering through the doors, which swing open and closed. I like very much holding the door open for the next person, or having the door held open for me, then saying, "thank you," or having "thanks" said; sometimes if there is a flood of students coming, I'll open the door for all of them and wait! And then I'll ask for a tip and usually get a smile.


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