Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Giving directions

A woman came cruising up to the front desk of my library while talking on her cell phone. Without breaking stride or even interrupting her phone conversation she asked if we had a copy machine. I pointed behind me to a rather ostentatiously placed copy machine alone on the back wall. She disappeared from my sight and consciousness for a minute or two only to reappear, accompanied by one of my co-workers, from out of our back work room.

"This is the work room back here." My co-worker said. "The copier is out here, against this wall."

"Oh." The woman said, and then she gestured to me. "He pointed me back here."

Well, sure. I thought she wanted the good copier.


  1. So this story is about this woman being unpolite for just dropping a question in the middle of her cell phone conversation. She didn´t say hello, please, is there a copier machine I can use. Your reaction was absolutely right!


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