Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Flock of aardvarks

I was walking up the East River Road, which is a road I walk up, on the river, on the east side of it. In the distance I saw a great group of animals milling about on some grass. They were low to the ground and had an odd profile in the October mists. I was pretty sure they were aardvarks. Though they could have as easily been armadillos. Either way this would have been pretty interesting because we don't see a lot of aardvarks or armadillos in The Twin Cities. A recent Aardvark/Armadillo Survey conducted by the DNR of Minnesota turned up no aardvarks and armadillos at all, which would have made the survey a huge waste of money if it didn't prove my point.

And what, you ask, is my point?

Well, let's get a little closer to this flock of aardvarks.

They're not aardvarks. They are turkeys!

That's my point!

There were 19 turkeys there. I counted them three times to be sure. Each time there were 19 turkeys. You can mess with 18 turkeys, but you do not mess with 19 wild turkeys. I did not mess with the turkeys. They were very busy anyway. And I had to hurry up because I was going to invariably take an ill-conceived short cut that would make me very late.

A car pulled over. The window rolled down and a person inside took a picture of all the turkeys. You can probably find it on the Internet. But it won't be the same.

The same as what? You ask.

That's my point!

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