Wednesday, March 25, 2020

This blog is important!

Due to the vital, lifesaving information this blog provides on the Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis we are proud to announce that Clerkmanifesto has been designated a Class 2 emergency business for the duration of all lock downs, with a temporary Class 2 emergency license running through the end of the calendar year. Only 42 blogs in the nation, mainly dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak, were chosen for this vital designation. We will do our best to carry forward with our mission of keeping you informed and up to date on all aspects of this immense social, health, and economic crisis.

Yesterday the 42 blog creators with this special emergency designation were flown to a hotel in Florida where we met together in a small, secured room in a hotel center there. Generous Federal funds were dispersed to us to broaden the scope our urgent missions. An all day strategy session took place. Each of the blogs were designated to specific regions. My region includes Minnesota, the Dakotas, Western Wisconsin, and a small corner of Nevada.

Starting tomorrow teams of four people will be canvassing your neighborhood and going door to door to hand out literature and inform you about what Clerkmanifesto has to offer in the Coronavirus situation. If you see these dedicated workers don't be alarmed. They are there to help and engage. Even if you already know all about our work at Clerkmanifesto, don't be afraid to say hi and shake their hands, maybe even give them a hug! They'll be out there doing hard and dangerous work to keep us all as safe as possible in this immensely difficult time.

And I too will be here every day fighting for you too. Check in often! Together we will triumph over this terrible disease!

Thank you, and stay strong!

F. Calypso

for Clerkmanifesto

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