Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Close up

One of my favorite movies of my younger days was Blade Runner, the original version, with the main character's detective genre voiceover by Harrison Ford. And there's a little scene of future tech in it that fascinated me. Decker, the main character, is examining a photograph, and its resolution is so good he can zoom way in on it and examine details in the picture on a minute, invisible to the eye level. I loved it.

As you likely know, I have been taking a lot of close up pictures of flowers this Spring. In many of these pictures I am so close that part of the flower leans right up on my lens. When I take the pictures I really only have a rough idea of the composition and the subject. Then I go I upload them to my computer to see what we have wrought.


Oh, there's a good one. 

Sometimes I like the picture just nearly exactly as it is:

And sometimes I like it, but I zoom in.

And zoom in.

And zoom in.

And I'm living in the future I saw almost 40 years ago.

Fewer robots though.

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