Wednesday, May 27, 2020

I ask you if things look a bit off...

Today I had a cart full of fiction to shelve. This doesn't happen so often for me these closed pandemic library days. In the elevator I noticed a book near the start of my top shelf by an author named Rilla Askew.

I got very excited!

I tilted the book to an odd, 45 degree angle so it stood awkwardly out in its row, but with its spine clearly reading:


(Heartsong being the name of the book). 

Then I looked for someone to share it with.

Two librarians were deep in conversation at the front desk, so no go there. However, there was a librarian in the phone room. I wheeled my loaded cart towards him, and...

The phone rang!


But I heard the murmur of distant voices. Two people were shelving out towards the end of Science Fiction. I headed over enthusiastically, but they were talking animatedly, and it was about work!


So I gave it up.

I just wanted, all I wanted, was to point to my book, with my finger casually at that author's last name on the spine, and say:

"Look. It's Askew."

An awful lot of times when I'm at work I have no friends here but you.


  1. Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but that actually caused me to laugh out loud. I'm not sure whether the fact I was alone at the time is positive, or alarming. Anyway, thank you. All laughs are welcome.

    1. Oh no, I so agree. All laughs are welcome. So thank you too!


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