Sunday, May 3, 2020

Photo essay of the photo essay

You know what they say:

"The photographer doesn't choose the picture, the camera does."

They don't say that?

I could have sworn I heard it somewhere, or something very much like it. Plus it's quoted. Didn't someone have to say it somewhere if it's quoted?

OH! I know who said it. 

My camera said it!

Well, more like implied it, through pictures, which are supposedly worth more than words. Either way I am quite convinced this is exactly how my camera feels about it. I mentioned in this space that I ordered a fancier camera that I am still waiting for, but I suspect that camera will feel much the same as this current camera. And who am I to argue? I mean, really, honestly, who am I to impose my will on the camera? As far as I can tell the camera is doing all the hard work. I just come along to move it from place to place.

Originally I got a camera for the pandemic. I thought it would be fun to have one on all my regular morning walks that were part of it. I wanted to photograph the empty and not empty streets of my city to show the malleability of reporting and just how soft our Stay at Home order was (it's way softer now, but I'm still alive so I guess... it... worked? So far?).

When that was all wrapped up I wanted to photograph graffiti.

I took a lot of pictures of a train with graffiti on it.

Eventually I took so many that I was out of graffiti I hadn't taken pictures of, even counting the "rude messages" graffiti.

I tried taking some pictures of birds, but I have a very, very bad zoom on this camera.

I took pictures of interesting historical plaques, but while the historical plaques were maybe vaguely interesting, the pictures weren't so much.

I love some of the 100 to 150 old houses around here. They make me emotional in a wistful sort of way. So I have taken some pictures of them. But taking pictures of them just makes me end up feeling like a realtor.

And then too I am fascinated by winding ways and odd narrow staircases. I thought it would be fun to do a whole series of Dr. Seuss in the real world. But without a lot of trips to Europe and maybe Asia I just don't think there's enough of this, if any, to keep me and my camera(s) employed.

Then I saw some flowers and my camera got real excited.

The more flower pictures I took the happier my camera got.

So I took pictures of flowers.

There were plenty around.

And they were pretty.

And my camera said "The photographer doesn't choose the picture, the camera does."

And I said "Okay."

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