Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Zoom for solitary people

As I (slowly) get (slightly) better at taking pictures I find myself getting a little bit wistful about certain of my past photo essays. It's not exactly that I want a do over, but rather sometimes I'd just be happy with doing it again, only a little better.

I can do that!

My first case in point here is from a photo essay of a week or so ago. It was about being entranced by a bit of future tech in the original Blade Runner movie where the photographs are so high resolution that our main character could zoom way in to domestic scene to reveal a naked to the eye detail that reveals valuable information; to wit, a clue.

Now, living in the future largely anticipated in the 80's movie, I was able to do this with my pictures of flowers, although I'm not sure what the clues I revealed are. I think they're there, I just haven't worked them out yet.

In the following pictures I'm kind of fudging this future tech, not zooming in on the resolution so much, which to some extent I can do, but rather getting increasingly close to my subject matter. So I guess in that sense my concept has morphed. 

What I am really doing is taking you on a brief trip into a flower.

You'd like to visit a flower, wouldn't you? Who wouldn't like to visit a flower?

So now let me introduce you to our tulip:

 The front door is open, so we will approach respectfully

A little closer

And now, at the front door, peering in, we knock.


And we step inside.It is golden in here.

There are these little trees and strange forms

We walk up to one to get a better look. Shall we go a bit closer?

Then we lean in to try get a sense for this looming tree at the heart of the flower

It is getting hard to know what we see at this point. Have we reached the limit of the flower? No, rather of the photographer, alas. But either way...

Our visit is over.

Thanks for coming with me.

Maybe in a week we'll be able to come back and do it better.

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