Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Furthest adventures of the flower spy

Something terrible stalks these neighborhoods, some fiend.

Something strange and intransigent. Something anarchic and ungovernable.

And with the city broken by pandemic, by Trump cultists, by Police crimes, and by burning and looting, no one is there to stop him.

What a time for a Superhero!

Alas for us that they are only in the comic books and movies.

But super villains?

They walk the very real sidewalks of our neighborhoods, untouchable, looking exactly like you or me. They roam our once sweet city with their macro lens taking super close up photos of

No, don't say it...




Arrrrrgghhhhh! You said it!

Yes flowers.

Who does he think he is, Georgia O'Keeffe?

They chased her out of New York! She had to live in the desert! The desert!

Plus, look at how she spells her last name. Two "E's" is fine, I guess, but two "F's"? It's profligate.

"Hey, what are you doing down there in my shrub?"

"Oh. Hey. Didn't see you there. Sorry. I'm just taking a picture of a flower."

"Did you ever think how the flowers might feel about that?"

"I always ask their permission first."


"Sorry about the trouble. I'll just be moving along. I have an appointment with a peony."

"Don't worry about it. I sometimes take a picture or two of flowers with my phone. Want to see?"

"Better not. Social distancing and all that."

"Right. Right. Er, see you around then."

Yes indeed. 

Yes you will.

Whether you want to or not.

Only New Mexico can stop him now.

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