Monday, June 22, 2020

More flowers

Dear Clerkmanifesto,

Quite recently I have noticed on your blog a rise in input from fictional readers. As a fictional reader myself I have taken comfort in this. The burden of being fictional is that unlike characters of the actual world, we fictional characters cease to exist without context, or, as I and my imaginary friends sometimes like to joke, we are "Dead if not read". So as I watched imaginary people weigh in on what you might provide on clerkmanifesto I thought "Hey, that could be me. I too could come into existence."

I am existing now. I am having a peach. It is sweet, but a bit messy.

Many fictional characters say that the actual people take existence for granted, but not me. I think that that is exactly what we should do with existence, take it for granted. That's no dis on existence. It's more of a way of saying that maybe we should just leave existence alone. It seems to like taking care of itself.

But who really am I to give advice on existence, whose own is so tenuous?

Anyway, I did have a reason for writing you that was more specific than waxing philosophical.

Being a recently imagined into existence fictional character there is much I have not seen or experienced. I am currently well acquainted with peaches oddly enough, and I know about squirrels, bunnies, and bugs all from the fictional readers of the first paragraph here who awakened my consciousness. But all of those fictional readers seemed to reference flowers in their comments, and this has piqued my curiosity. I have come to understand you photograph flowers. Could I possibly see some of those?

Thank you so much. I'll take my answer off the air.

Kindest of regards,



My answer to non fictional characters on this blog is "Yes, if at all possible". My answer to People of the Imagination like yourself is "Yes without reservation." I am honored to show you your first flowers and hope you enjoy them.


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