Monday, June 29, 2020

Tools of flowers

Here is a flower:

Here is a bee on a flower:

Now a bee may think he is up to all kinds of things. He may think he is gathering nectar. He may think he is providing for his hive. He may even think he is enjoying a lovely morning out among his beloved flowers in the sparkling sun.

But deep down the flower knows he is pollinating. The flower has brought him in, smeared him in a fine and delicious pollen, and sent him on to another flower.

How do I know?

I am the same.

I may think I am taking pictures of the beautiful flowers. I may be drawn with my camera to their dramatic, exotic interiors, to the morning air, and to the secret worlds in the flower beds, but the flowers know.

I poke my camera into their heart. Click. I rotate around. Click. Click. I think I might have gotten a good picture. I take my camera out. My lens is covered in pollen.

And I go to the next flower.

I'm just another bee.

This is my honey, such as it is...

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