Friday, August 7, 2020

Joe Photographer

Here's Joe photographer heading out on one of his picture taking expeditions. Look at him with his fancy extra close up zoom lens. He's even got a waist kit for his lens attachments and special lights. He is one serious photographer.

Hey Joe photographer, look! It's a super rare cardinal (well, mildly rare)! Quick, get the lens cap off! Turn the camera on! Focus! Where is it, where is it? There it is! Quick now, zoom in, zoom in more! Now...


He flew away.

You'll get the next one. 

Maybe just keep the lens cap off for now.

Hey, Joe photographer, look! It's a squirrel! Quick. Zoom back out so you can find him. There he is. Oh, look at him Joe photographer! He's got a nut. The squirrel's got a nut! He is so cute, Joe photographer! Zoom in! Zoom in more! Oh, that's close. That's very close. He's not that cute, he's a rodent, but take a picture any...

Ooops, there he goes.

He's gone.

Wait! No wait! He stopped. The cute squirrel stopped! Quick, find him in the viewfinder and

Nope, he's gone for good now.

Stay strong, Joe photographer.

Joe photographer doesn't cry over the things that might have been.

Hey Joe photographer, what about these nice flowers? These are pretty flowers. And these flowers aren't going anywhere. So take your time. 

Put on the super zoom close-up attachment. 

Hold that camera real steady.

Nope, steadier.

Find your distance. 

Focus. Steady. Steady. Aim. 

Wait, hold it, there's a breeze. 

Quite a wind actually. The flowers sure do bop around! 

Let's let that settle down.

Okay, get ready now, it's calming. 



Wait!!! Butterfly! Butterfly two flowers over! 


Get the super close up attachment off. Ohhh, it's a fancy butterfly. Yellow! Blue! Zoom out! Zoom in! Wait, he's on the move. He's on the move! The butterfly is on the move!

Follow him, follow that butterfly. That is a hell of a butterfly! Follow that butterfly. Through the flowers! Into the swamp! Up the tree! Down the tree! Across the street! Into the wading pool. Through the high grasses. Follow that butterfly!

He's landed!

Shoot! Shoot, Joe photographer, shoot!

Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot!

That is a lot of pictures Joe photographer!

Well done!

Let's go home.

Wash your hands.

Take off the Joe photographer waist belt.

Plug the fancy camera into the computer.

Download all six thousand pictures.

Now let's take a look Joe photographer. 




Kinda blurry.

Here's Joe writer settling down to his computer to write a blog post. Look at him with his fancy computer and his notes.

He is one serious writer.

Look at him go.


  1. About half way through I started seeing this as a children's picture book. No, I'm not going to write it. But someone should.

    1. Well, the homage is to Snoopy and Charles Schulz's Peanuts, so those associations seem pretty natural...


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