Friday, November 6, 2020



There is a 92% chance that you will love reading this post. It's about statistics. Everyone loves statistics.

Sorry. I meant: 54% of all people love statistics.

I mean, historically they do. Currently only 32%  of people love statistics, although it is trending slightly back upwards from the recent low of 27%.

Oh! Update. There is now an 81% chance you will love reading this essay. 73% of respondents in a recent poll said that they like it "very well" so far. But that number dropped to 64% when we started talking about the poll numbers on this particular post in real time. There is a three in ten chance that people will get irritated when you start analyzing how they feel about analyzing how they feel.

So that checks out.

Also seven in ten people object to "too much math".

That's 70%! Which, if you filled a warehouse six yards deep in 4mm ball bearings would-

What's that?

Oh. Our most recent poll indicates that we have dropped down to only a 32% chance you will love reading this post. That's down 58 points in just eight short paragraphs. Experts are attributing this to "the math hit effect". They are also attributing it to the fact that only 31% of people love statistics. This is down a point from earlier in the essay when 32% of all people were just crazy about statistics. Experts don't know what to attribute this to. "We're baffled as to why most people don't like statistics." This is according to 97% of Statistical Analysts in a recent poll.

The good news is that after our last paragraph we jumped 21 points to where there is now a 53% chance you will love reading this post!

The bad news is that the reason the approval indicator climbed to 53% is because so many people stopped reading this post. 

So to improve our chances that you will love reading this post we need to increase the number people who quit reading this post.

Wait, that can't be right!

And yet, apparently, 61% of the time it is!

You can't argue with statistics.

Or math.

Or, generally speaking, my blog posts. 

Which is why I so enjoy writing them, 72% of the time.

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