Friday, January 29, 2021

Lemonade again

I had many complaints about my post yesterday entitled "Negativity".

People found it too negative. They complained about it. They said that for a post expressing disenchantment with negativity it was kind of downbeat, and, well, negative.

Because it was such a short post I can include it right here for you to review:

Sometimes I get so tired of all the negativity and complaining. Mine, yours, theirs, enough with the negativity already! Enough with all the "complain, complain, complain"!

And when I've really, genuinely had enough with all the negativity, when I'm up to my ears in it, I do what everyone else does:

I complain about it.

But I do want to say that while this post, for humorous effect, ended on a negative note, it needn't end there. When I am truly sick and tired of all the negativity and complaining, after complaining about it, I do take my inspiration and propose a whole new positive outlook. I ask that we all try to be positive about things for a change.

Preferably starting with everyone else.

I'll be along shortly.

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