Saturday, January 30, 2021

Magical blogpost


No doubt this blogpost will seem like magic to you. For as Arthur C. Clarke postulated: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

The advanced technology at play here is that this blogpost is entirely reader suggestion driven. Every bit of it is driven by suggestions and comments written in the comment section below. 

To take part simply suggest in the comment section what you'd like this blogpost to be about, and the post will slowly transform to speak to the very thing that was suggested. Thus, if someone were to write in that they would like this post to be about the Tokyo DisneySea Theme Park, readers here would soon find themselves reading about how DisneySea (along with Tokyo Disneyland) is the only Disney Park not owned by Disney, but is licensed by Disney and owned by the Tokyo Land Company. How instead of making these lesser parks, the personal attention thus lavished on these Disney Parks by a company whose (nearly) whole business it is, makes these, by most credible accounts, the best of all the Disney Parks, and specifically makes Tokyo DisneySea, with its seven themed lands based off of real and imagined "ports of call", to be generally considered the finest amusement park in the World. 

So go ahead and wield your magic pencil with a subject suggestion of your own in the comment section below to see how our complicated algorithms absorb and answer to them in the text of this post. They do this not just by artificial intelligence, adapting to keywords in your suggestions, but also through a direct neural interface with the author of this blog, me, and by tapping into my previous 3,000 blogposts for material, making it so that each alteration of this post, at your suggestions, is in a sense authored by me, by my past writings, and by the artificial intelligence program I have written to run this elaborate process.

If you write a suggestion and it doesn't appear to be promptly responded to in this post please give it time. While the automated rewriting process of this post should be instantaneous, the amount of computer processing required for it is generally beyond my means and so the AI changes have to be queued at a Super Computer in Finland that I have limited, low level privileges with. Please be patient and check back later.

Finally, if you see a suggestion or question in the comment section that already seems to be answered or spoken to in the text of this post, remember that this post adapted in relation to the comment. This post is in a sense written in pencil, ever erased in bits and rewritten in new pencil. People aren't being "obtuse" to what's already here, rather, none of this was here when their comment was made.

Have fun!



  1. I think it would be really cool if you could somehow write a blogpost just based on suggestions.

    1. Yeah, that would be neat if we could suggest something and the post itself would somehow work it into the post. Although, I guess that might be kind of impossible. Still, I like the idea. Though maybe that's not what you meant.

  2. So how would this work? How do I suggest something for this post?

  3. How about writing something about Tokyo DisneySea? I'm kind of obsessed with that right now.

  4. I wrote a suggestion but it didn't appear. I thought it was going to be immediate. What gives?

  5. It's kinda driving me crazy some of these comments. Just read the post carefully and it will explain most of the stuff you're asking!

  6. Holy crap! How do you do this? This is pure black magic fuckery. What's that quote about science v magic? This is totally that!


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