Sunday, January 24, 2021

Romantic Comedy wizard


As the number seven world authority on romantic comedies I am constantly asked to recommend romantic comedies to desperate people keen to find a good romantic comedy in a world that disdains them. And as a great adorer of the romantic comedy I am always happy to oblige. There are few situations in which I am not happy to grill a person on their Romantic Comedy preferences, general movie tastes, historical reading patterns, preferred acting styles, taste in music, and endless related questions for hours, all to determine the perfectly tailored for them to watch romantic comedy movie. 

But there are only so many hours in a single day!

And there are only so few of me!

And if, hypothetically, more than three people a year asked me for a romantic comedy recommendation, or, um, a lot more than three, hypothetically again, I would need a back up plan.

This is the back up plan!

In this very blog post I have created a series of wildly varying and diverse scenarios that will lead you to the perfect romantic comedy. If any of the following scenarios are true for you, simply click the link below it, and your carefully selected movie will appear before your eyes.

One day, in the months to come, the true romantic comedy connoisseur will find their way to my future Romantic Comedy Finder website that the popularity of this prototype will lead to. After that, desperately in search of more romantic comedies, you will be lining up at my library to receive my one on one advice. 

By then you will be so far gone you will be easy prey for my extremely advanced suggestions like When in Rome, or Sidney White.  

But we get ahead of ourselves. Let us start at the beginning:

1. I hate romantic comedies and never watch them. But I am naturally embarrassed by how poorly this reflects upon me. Maybe if I watch just one really good romantic comedy, that has complexity and is well made, I could like it and begin to be a whole person. And then, maybe, slowly, I can begin to love again.

Try this one!

2. I've seen a few romantic comedies, the ones people talk about: When Harry Met Sally, that one that won best picture, and they didn't do much for me. Do they get better?

Yes they do! Here you go.

3. I have seen loads of romantic comedies and am always looking for something new, but until they make a new one, what should I watch again?

This one definitely bears rewatching!

4. I've liked a few romantic comedies, but sometimes they get a little, I don't know, cutesy. Is there a romantic comedy with a bit of...  salt? Something a bit... off center?

Sure, try this one.

5. I am acclaimed actor Christian Bale and I disdain romantic comedies. I read your post a couple years ago making fun of me. But until I see a romantic comedy movie that makes me burn with shame over my dismissive comments, I must continue mocking everything you love.

I throw down the gauntlet!

6. I'm bored. I'm depressed. I want a movie that delights me with no effort on my part. Silly, absurd, romantic, lay it on me. Oh, it should take place in beautiful, glamorous New York.


There. That ought to get you started. I think you'll find there's something for everyone here. 

You're on your way.


  1. It appears that in fact, one size fits all. I've never seen Moonstruck; since you've provided a link, maybe I'll give it a try.

    1. I would say that my Romantic Comedy Wizard is perfect and will work out for you, but as Ronny Cammareri says: We aren't here to make things perfect.

      So who knows. But I do hope you enjoy it.


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