Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Seditious bastards!






Everything has been running backwards for me lately. For instance today I thought of the title of my small essay here first, then left it to myself to write the text. 

The King of Clerkmanifesto says:

The title is "Seditious Bastards!", it is your job to give life to that title.

How about we overthrow the King then? What say we talk about the weather instead?




The President of Clerkmanifesto has unilaterally decreed, in defiance of the King's Edict, that despite our title, "Seditious Bastards!", we will discuss the weather instead. But I, Emperor of the Themes of Clerkmanifesto, never voted for this President. And I have something to say about this!


Excuse me?

May I just interject here? As the CEO of Clerkmanifesto, I must assert my fiduciary responsibility immediately to state that this confusing, divisive, and disjointed post has so far made us no money whatsoever!




Hey hey hey. Can't everyone just calm down!

Can't we all just get along?



Fine with me.

Yeah, I guess. 

Sure, let's give it a try.



You're all fired.


Who are you?


I am the Lord God of Clerkmanifesto. Tremble before my magnificence!!!!!!

Oh, and try to get along a little better.





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