Friday, January 1, 2021

The ice trilogy


Let us begin the New Year with...


Ice ice ice, beeeeeautiful ice!

Hey, what is it with you and ice, you wonder?

Ice is the new flowers!

"I don't understand." I have now quoted you as saying.

Let me explain.

In the late Fall, the World slowly bleached of its color. And I would go out and take pictures of it. Then I would come back home and open up the pictures on my computer. And I would say "Oh look, tree bark and squirrels. Look at all these nice pictures of tree bark, and black river water, and tree branches, and a gray squirrel on a tree branch over tree bark drinking black river water."

But one day I accidentally opened up some photos from July.


It made me a little...


Yes dear collaborators, I felt wistful.

Maybe even sad.

Until I found ice!

Ice is colorful!

Wait, no, not that one. This one:

Or this one:

And even if maybe it's not quite as brilliantly colorful as flowers, I find it as endlessly interesting and beautiful.

My camera likes it!

Plus, much like flowers, things happen around ice.

Pull back sometimes and it's interesting:

But come close and it's endlessly fascinating and photographable:

And so in conclusion I'd just like to say, 


I think I need a warm drink.

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