Wednesday, February 10, 2021

American plenty


Here is a strange observation about America. It says a number of things about our culture, its wealth, and its impoverishment. I'm not going to spell out any of that. It all just struck me as I saw it.

This observation was made at the library I work at. There is a pandemic going on and our services are limited. One or two people were, at the moment of my observation, here picking up requested items, but the other 15 to 20 people were here, by appointment only, using our old, but functional Internet connected library computers.

They had all driven here.

Their insured, gassed up cars were almost exclusively SUV's and compact SUV's.

None of these cars were particularly old or in poor condition and many were nearly new.

And so almost every library patron was a person driving alone, in sub zero weather, during a pandemic, in a $10,000 to $30,000 street value car, to use a nearly valueless, but Internet connected library computer because they did not have such a thing in their own home.

If they had a home.

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